That's life right now. Mostly crazy with those inexplicable moments of beautiful that make it all worthwhile. Top of my crazy list right now is Aidyn. He's been diagnosed with a rare problem called meatal stenosis. It basically entails, for reasons unknown, the tip of his little member closing up, making urination virtually impossible. He has to go in for surgery on Friday. How do you explain that to a two year old? Needless to say, my anxiety levels are through the roof. The other child is now getting molars....ugh. Fever, crankiness, diaper rash, we've got it all. Thank God for my mei tai or my arms would be noodles.

Evan and I have recently decided that we need to overhaul a bit. Well, mostly me. I've been so mixed up with everything going on that I've lost control of my own life and it's just been carrying me along. Everything, from my routines, finances, diet, faith....it's all getting tweaked until I'm back where I'm supposed to be. I'm starting a new exercise plan this week, along with a healthier diet (read: no more twinkies for lunch). I'm also setting up a better routine to juggle my kids, husband, work, play, and life in general. Baby Bean is exciting for me, but I need to keep focus on my family and friends too.

Keep your fingers crossed for me this week, I'll need it with everything that's going on!

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