New Beginnings

As my short lived career in the finance world ends and I get back to doing what I sincerely believe is my calling in life, I'm finding that I actually have time to pick my blog back up. It was a little dusty to be sure, so I started tweaking a bit this afternoon and finally published a rough place to start again from. It will take me a few weeks to get everything put into place and update my widgets and whatnot, but I feel a little better already just having it started! It's been a busy year while my poor little corner of the world sat neglected, so I'll do my best to fill in the missing pieces over the next few weeks and hopefully soon I'll be back to my random musings and it will be like I never was away.



The Payoff

It's close at hand, finally. After two months of planning, tomorrow is finally the big stocking I'd mentioned in my last post. It's taken every bit of my spare time and weekends the last month to have it completely ready, but I'm happy to report that I actually accomplished all that I wanted to! I have over 20 other vendors stocking with me, I was blown away by the response I got when I started inviting the people who I wanted to stock with me. That's one of the best perks of this job, I have made so many friends online who share the WAHM title and have the most amazing talents. If you'd like to check it out, feel free to click the banner below!

In the middle of getting the listings up, organizing everyone's contributions and of course, dyeing, knitting and spinning to my little hearts over-content, I've also been slowly working on the main site and working out the details of some wholesale arrangements. The main site, helped along by my old friend Dustin, my go-to man for all my tech and site issues, is getting re-worked a bit so that the four different sites I'm on now are being streamlined and linked together by the main site. That includes, actually, this blog, which will be being moved onto my own server. I believe I will leave this blogger one up instead of transferring everything over there, but from now on I'll be using the one on my main site once it's up. I think. I'll have to wait for the finished product to completely decide what will happen. As for the wholesale deals being worked out, most are just products that I want to carry in my store, but there is one that is a partnership of sorts as well that I'm truly excited about. I can't reveal it quite yet, but as soon as the last little details are hammered out I'll be posting, you can be sure of that.

So forgive the dreadful way I've neglected this little corner of my online world, soon I will be back with the usual pictures of fiber and stories of munchkins. And for those of you who have emailed me to let me know you miss my posts or ask where I have been, thank you. I'm sorry I've been away, but I'm rather touched by just how many people apparently find this blog amusing enough to return to. Cheers!


What's Going On?

And why haven't I been blogging? Short, sweet and to the point - I've been busy. I have a huge stocking coming up with a ton of great guest vendors that I've been organizing, and in the meantime this blog, my home site and my Hyena cart are all getting a much needed face lift on the old design and some new features that will help them all flow together a little better. I plan on slowly moving more and more into my home site, so this will help with that change.

Then of course there's the day to day general business of raising a family, a huge amount of yard work as we redo the backyard (still a little torn up from last year's garage raising) and put in a huge garden, and some settling in as I continue to adjust to life with food intolerances. It's kind of touch and go with that last one right now.

Today I'm taking a much needed break to hang out with some fiber homies and get some knitting and spinning out of my system. I'll have to post pictures of the projects that I've been filling my spare time with soon.

In the meantime, bear with me and watch for some changes around here!



I have a journal that houses the best tidbits of my childrens' childhoods. All of the sweetest and most hilarious things they've said and done is recorded in there for me to love over at a later date in time. Some of my favorites:

"I'll have a chocolate without steam please." (Aidyn, overheard "ordering" in his room)

"That's my arm knee." (Aidyn, on his elbow)

"I smell like a doughnut!" (Aidyn)

"Ely fell and hurt her brains." (Aidyn, said unconcernedly from one chair while Ely lay screaming beside the other she had just fallen off)

I realize those are all Aidyn's. Ely is just coming into her vocal own and I'm sure soon hers will be overtaking her brothers, but at this point, as I look back through the pages, I'm giggling at Aidyn's unintentional wit.

As I was adding one to the list this afternoon (when Ely unloaded the contents of a couch cushion in her room and then sat in the middle of the giant pile of white fluff so she could play "bubble bath"), I started thinking about the funny things that have come out of my mouth that I should be recording. You know, the things that you just don't get until you're a mom. The things that would stop a passerby on my sidewalk should they waft through an open window. For instance:

"No, we do not put the cat in the dryer! Or the toilet!"

"I swear the next person that says penis is going in timeout for an hour!"

"Do not drink your bathwater! That's like licking a butt!"

"If I say it has germs it does!"

"Just brush it off, you won't even taste the dirt."

"I know you like all the pinecones, but only one gets to go live with us."

"Sometimes we just need to pee outside."

"Because people don't like your feet in their face, that's why."

"We don't talk about boobs in front of other people."

To all you moms who understood that perfectly without having been there, cheers. :)
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