Meet The Mama!

So just who is this woman behind the keyboard?

I'm first and foremost, as you may have gathered at this point, a mommy. Aidyn is a five year old scholar of dinosaurs and cars who is currently barreling his way through his kindergarten year and Ellery is his four year old shadow who sings her way through our days in her own breezy little style. In this blog they're often known as Sharkbait and The Bean, monikers they came by while happily ensconced in my belly.

Right up there with that, I'm a wife. Evan is, quite simply and then not so simply at all, my best friend. Amazingly gentle, he's the unmovable force that keeps me centered when my mad habits threaten to send me spiraling into the stratosphere.

And those mad habits? Well they make up and fill in the rest of the picture. While too numerous to completely catalog, here are a few that are pertinent to the majority of posts on this blog.

I'm an unrepentant coffee addict. I drink the stuff morning, noon and night. I realize that this habit might be partly to blame for my sometimes frenetic behavior but as I've already had to give up so many of the foods that I used to adore I refuse to retire my mug.

I'm a survivor of food intolerance. While that is a slightly melodramatic statement, anyone with an allergy to a food of any kind that they used to enjoy daily and now have to avoid like the plague knows what I'm saying. While you can find a long and rather detailed post of what caused this and what I am supposed to avoid here, suffice it to say for this small paragraph that 95% if what I eat is from the meat, vegetable and fruit groups.

I'm a bit of a "hippie", in fact, my mother fondly refers to me as her "hippie love child". All this really means is that I prefer to respect the earth and her natural resources whenever possible and that I prefer to take care of my family in a more natural way. Brief examples: we cloth diapered the littles, use organic and local foods whenever we can, and clean our home without the use of harsh chemicals. I don't really see it as hippie living, but as better living.

Last but not least, I'm a creative force who is easily bored. This rather effectively sums up quite a few quirks. As a result I have too many hobbies to name and never enough time to keep them all in constant rotation, but as Evan is fond of saying, I keep life interesting.

Above all of this however, the one trait that keeps the aforementioned intact and woven together into this seamless blend that is my world is this: I am a lover.
I love my little family, I love knitting and spinning and the way the colors come together in fiber, I love the way music can speak to me, I love my bulldog in all her slobbery glory, I love writing and how the words I can't find to say out loud flow like water from my pen or keyboard, I love the way the sun lights up my kitchen in the morning, I love good friends and more than anything, I absolutely love life. Welcome to mine.

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