What's Going On?

And why haven't I been blogging? Short, sweet and to the point - I've been busy. I have a huge stocking coming up with a ton of great guest vendors that I've been organizing, and in the meantime this blog, my home site and my Hyena cart are all getting a much needed face lift on the old design and some new features that will help them all flow together a little better. I plan on slowly moving more and more into my home site, so this will help with that change.

Then of course there's the day to day general business of raising a family, a huge amount of yard work as we redo the backyard (still a little torn up from last year's garage raising) and put in a huge garden, and some settling in as I continue to adjust to life with food intolerances. It's kind of touch and go with that last one right now.

Today I'm taking a much needed break to hang out with some fiber homies and get some knitting and spinning out of my system. I'll have to post pictures of the projects that I've been filling my spare time with soon.

In the meantime, bear with me and watch for some changes around here!

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