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I kept myself so busy yesterday I didn't even have time to blurb on here! I got into some kind of spring-cleaning-nesting-syndrome-power-clean mode and seriously spent all day scrubbing and organizing. I won't bore you with an entire list of the chores I accomplished, suffice it to say I even cleaned out closets and scrubbed the runner boards in my kitchen with a toothbrush. You needed sunglasses to even look at my house when I was finished with it last night.

This morning seems to be following suit, I finished two devotionals after my shower, took care of all the emails I've been needing to send out, and right now I'm snug in bed with my boy, enjoying one half of my laptop screen to type this rousing account while he watches Spongebob on the other. Today we're going to spend some time with our long lost friend Stacy and have some serious playtime.

My devotionals this morning were on peace and patience. Beth Moore made a rather simple but interesting observation. "I am no pshycohologist. I am no specialist. But for years I have believed that people more often take their lives from lack of peace than they do from lack of love or happiness."

I think this is probably a true statement. How many of us ever achieve a true and lasting peace? The daily bump and grind of life, along with the myriad of events with which we must cope keep many of us from even a modicum of contentedness, let alone real peace. Personally a dirty house, screaming children, piles of bills, and a post baby body don't offer much for my sanity or peace of mind. I hope this week's study offers some insight on how to find a lasting peace that even a mountain of dishes or a day of whines for chocolate milk can't interrupt.

Here's wishing you a happy (and peaceful) day!

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