Shrimp Pasta!

My favorite seafood is probably shrimp, you can do so much with it and it tastes yummy! This is a shrimp pasta that's quick and budget friendly.

~Put water on to boil for your pasta. Add a little garlic powder.
~Peel your shrimp. I like to use the frozen kind, and you could buy them already peeled if you prefer.
~Cut one onion and one pepper into small chunks. Add any other vegetables you fancy, I've used mushrooms, zuchinni, and carrots too.
~Heat a skillet (I use an electric) and add a little olive oil. Throw your pasta into it's bath at the same time.
~Toss your veges into the skillet and let them get tender. Give 'em a stir every once in a while. I normally let mine chill for about 6 minutes.
~Add your shrimp to the veges and cook until pink. Add a shake of garlic salt and a little pepper.
~About this time, your pasta should be done; drain it and add it into the skillet. Toss around to let it soak up the flavors.
~Serve with a sprinkle of parmesan on top.You could add a nice green salad to this if you like, although my family normally scarfs it up sans side dishes. To make it healthier take a chance and use whole wheat noodles.

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