The Feel of Silk

Well, the last few days have been busy but rewarding ones! On Monday I was up at four powering my way through my devotionals and housework. By nine, I had checked all of the following from my to do list: the house was spotless (like, mopped, dusted, vacuumed, sanitized, and overall glistening), my kids were happily scrubbed, dressed, fed, and playing, all of my paperwork and emails were taken care of, and a fresh pan of muffins was coming out of the oven for our staff meeting. Tuesday decided not to run quite as smoothly, but regardless, I finished the first ever (loud drumroll here) brocade Baby Bean mei tai! I have been wary of using what I consider flimsy material for a product that holds so much in it's fabric clutches, but I got over my hangups, figured out a few safe alternatives to make it a little more durable, and tada! It's pretty darn sweet in my opinion, and of course, I'm claiming the first one for myself. It's a dark green with flowers of burgandy and gold. Gorgeous. Ely and I took it out for a spin last night, she kept running her hands over the material. I like the smaller design, as opposed to my older version. Further news from the Baby Bean front...it seems we may have premises as soon as next year! I was offered a small workshop on the corner of two busy streets, within a mile of my house. We'll have to wait and see how it works out, but things are coming together fast and furious for Baby Bean, which is really exciting for me to see my dreams playing out.
Here it is, in all it's silky glory :)
A detail of the fabric, it's sooo pretty!

Ely and I taking it out for a spin.
Aidyn has started picking up Spanish, from his favorite little cartoon, Dora. Yesterday he walked around singing "Bate, bate, chocolate". He's learning so quickly, he knows all of his numbers up to ten, which he walks around putting in various orders (2, 9, 7, 10 he sings as he plays with his cars), he can identify a lot of letters (his favorite is D), and he knows pretty much every basic color. Ely has learned to say thank you, which is the cutest thing ever. That brings her to a total of 7 words: mama, dada, bye bye, night night, uh oh, hello, and thank you. She's also walking up a storm now, she hardly crawls anywhere anymore!

This morning has been just as pleasant as the last two, I'm finished with my devotionals and emails, and ready to start some housework while I wait for the munchkins to wake up and demand their breakfast. I also need to put together an order to ship out later today, a gorgeous pink mei tai. Happy day all!

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