Alarm or no Alarm?

I've noticed something peculiar lately.

Since I returned from Uncle Matt's funeral in Montana, I've not been in my routine of getting up before five to do my devotionals and get ready for my day. One would think that two extra hours of sleep would make one's day better, but it seems the opposite is true for me. My days have been completely discombobulated lately, and I really think it's because I'm not giving myself that time in the morning. Yes, I'm technically losing sleep that way, but because I get time all to myself right away to center and prepare mentally for the day, I actually end up feeling more calm and rested. So back to the alarm for me...

I received a rather large order for diapers last night, tentatively forty. A lady adopted five children, three of which are in diapers, and she wants to cloth diaper them all. Good for her! So I'm working with her right now to find the best set up for her needs. It's funny, because I don't even have the diaper line listed yet, so she'll be my first diaper order. I'm considering licensing under an already well developed diaper line, which would free up some time for me. The downside is that would mean that while I would be selling through my company, it technically wouldn't be my diaper line, and would bear their logo. Not a big deal, but if I'm doing the work anyway, I'd rather do it for my own company. We'll see what becomes of it.

Right now I'm off to do more work (it never ends!) to the site, and try to get myself more organized for what's coming up. Don't forget to check out Baby Bean frequently for all of our newest products!

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