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For months now I have bemoaning my post baby self. Perhaps one of the things I miss most is my long flowing hair, and the time to take care of it. Both disappeared completely a few months after baby number two :)

It's normal for women to lose a fairly large amount of hair after pregnancy, it happened with Aidyn and so I expected it after Ely. What I did not expect, however, was to still be losing it over a year later. My hair has thinned considerably, which any curly haired gal will tell you means dull and lank locks. Not pretty. I found myself having to pull my hair back day after day, and finally, about a month ago, I got sick of it and called up Juli, my hair lady. The soonest appointement she had was for this last Friday, so I spent the month sorting through hairstyles and colors looking for something that would make me feel vibrant and fun again.

A day before the appointment, having already settled my mind on a simple bob, I saw a picture of Samaire Armstrong. Her hair was uber short, but fun and flippy and all around, gorgeous. The next day, I walked into Juli's with the picture and said, "I want this, and I want some serious color." She took me at my word and I walked out four hours later with this:

I cannot even tell you how fabulous it makes me feel. I love the pink, it gives me a little zap every time I feel it. And the cut, while SHORT, is so fun and full and adds so much. Better still, no more pulling it back! It looks awesome with a fun headband, hot straightened out, and Evan says he even likes it au natural and curly, says it reminds him of a flapper 'do.

If you want to see some serious before and afterage, check out this ALBUM in my MySpace profile, and feel free to leave some feedback!

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