Swirling Leaves Outside my Window

Well, my mother left this morning. Horrible depressing and happily relieving at the same time. I'm not sure when I'll get to see her again (probably not until next spring or summer), which is the sad part, but it is nice to have the house to myself again.

I am loving fall! Each season does something for me, but fall holds a special place in my heart. The slowly falling temperatures that mean I can pull out my comfortable sweaters and turn the heat on inside. The crisp air outside that seems to snap. The riot of reds and golds as the trees put on their best fall colors, and the crunch the leaves make as the kids and I play in them. The smell of casseroles and baked goods wafting from my oven. The palpable feeling of the holidays approaching fast, and the joy and happiness they bring. Nothing makes me happier these days than sitting on the couch with a nice hot cup of tea or coffee, my computer or a good book handy, and the kids playing happily on the floor at my feet.

Today the kids and I spent a happy aternoon doing just that. They are getting so entertaining! We color and wrestle and watch cartoons and read and before I know it, my day is past and it's time to start dinner. I love it!

With my mom gone, I should be back to regular postings now. Here's hoping you're loving your fall as much as I am!

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