One week down, fifty or so more to go. So far I've done fairly well in my goals. I'm in the midst of setting up a bible study, eating better all the time, boxed three times last week, and came close to following every day on my chore chart. I even drank more water (mostly in relation to the boxing though).

Joia still isn't here, due to the unfortunate weather we've been having. And when I say unfortunate I mean God-please-make-the-snow-stop! We're hoping maybe Wednesday or Thursday when this system lets up. In the meantime, we have had some fun in the snow. We took the kiddos sledding in Sunday, which was an interesting affair. Aidyn decided that he'd rather stand at the top of the hill and throw snowballs down, Ely bean giggled like a madwoman and otherwise flopped around in her ginormous snowsuit, Evan ate it several times while going facefirst, and I almost cracked my tailbone when I decided to do a little extreme sledding. By extreme I mean the hill was about five feet high, but had a deadly drop covered by light fluffy snow. It wasn't so light and fluffy when my butt hit it. Ouch!

I joined a knitting club, which meets every other Sunday. I'm super excited to learn how and start turning out longies and soakers and sweaters and blankets and scarves....well, the list could go on and on really.

Today I'm going to retool my blog. The green and blue are wearing on me a bit, I think I just need a change. Maybe something a bit more uncluttered to match my goals for this year.

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