It's June, and It's Snowing

I think of flowers and barbeques, shorts and sunshine when I think of June. All I'm thinking of right now is hot tea, a warm blanket, and a cheery fire. I have two of the three, so we're doing pretty good here today.

I signed on today hoping some shred of inspiration would turn this into a thoughtful, well voiced post of some relevance. Instead I just keep thinking that I should be doing the dishes, or folding some laundry, or perhaps even knitting another pair of longies out of the skeins of wool that piled up in my knitting basket. I know at the very least I should pick up the numerous blankets and pillows still scattered in the living room from yesterday's fort building extravaganza.

The truth is, I have niether the inspiration, focus, or drive for any of those things. The rain seems to turn a switch inside of me; I feel a sort of peaceful melancholy that lacks any real truth but simply turns me inward, in thought and action. I ponder the world and its sad state, I think of the small sweet nothings of the past that can never be again, and I mull words and situations over in my head without my usual push toward a solution.

And so, today will be a simple hello from the depths of my mind. Hello, dear friends. I hope that whatever the world looks like outside of your window, you are enjoying the same peace, thinking only of those things that bring you joy, and of course, allowing yourself a moment to breathe.

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