A Masterpiece

Over the last few months, I've dreamed and schemed about a space all my own, a place where my anal organization and creative forces could collide to make a sanctuary. And finally, it is here. It's a desk, it's an armoire, it's an office and a craft station. With Baby Bean picking up, I was sorely in need of a system and a place to fill orders, fire off emails, and stay on top of the day to day. In my personal routine I needed a place to take care of bills and file paperwork. And finally, I needed a place that screamed with color and life and had a bit of the whimsy I'm so fond of to help me escape and refresh myself.

I started with two pre-fabricated bookshelves in a black finish. Once they were put together, I used three small hinges to connect them, and another two to rig up a fold-up desk section. A few holes drilled into strategic places allow for discreet cords to my lamp, laptop, printer, and postal scale. Once the inner workings were done, I set to work creating a little flair for the outside. A large sheet of fabric was tacked down on the back of one bookshelf, followed by some flat 3" trim along the edge, and some decorative wood rope just inside of that. A black handle was attached to the side to create a door pull, and some easy slide furniture pads were put on the bottom to allow ease of opening while on carpet. Last, I bought colorful accesories, a matching stool, some corkboard and a huge calendar, and organized and mixed my business and personal into a seamless system that streamlines my routines.

The result is my dream come true:

:welcome to tawnyland:

:step inside my office:

:a close up of the trim work:

:open and ready for business:

:a bit of whimsy here and there:

:side one:business:

:side two:personal:

:blended together in perfect working harmony:

The greatest part is that this entire project probably cost me less than buying a desk alone from a furniture store! I hope you enjoyed sampling a little piece of my newfound heaven!

Bookshelves: $27 each
Fabric: $20
Trim: $11
Stool: $14
Lamp: $10
Decorative and Storage Accessories: $30
Total Cost: $139


  1. I love it!! Uniquely you! And what a wonderful use of space. Congrats!!

  2. This is awesome Tawny! I am seriously impressed.


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