Good Morning Sweet Girl

This morning you woke up a two year old, a toddler. You certainly look the part, with your long hair, your face that looks so grownup lately, and your sentences coming together more every day. You can carry on conversations now, and talk on the phone to your daddy and grandma. You love playing dress up and having your hair done, and never fail to request a mirror when I'm done to announce yourself a "pretty princess", something I'm responsible for I admit.

You can throw a mean tantrum now, and hold your own in a fight with your brother. You've even told daddy and I "no" once or twice. Sometimes I get nervous when I think of the attitude you're already displaying and wonder what in the world I will do when you become a teen with a mind of her own. I do love that you already know your own mind and are confident enough to explore it.

You still love a cuddle and having your boo boos kissed. When you wake up from your nap you like to hold me for awhile, something that warms my heart every time. Something about your sleepy eyes, warm body in my arms, and little arms clenched tight around my neck brings a lump to my throat.

You love your baby dolls and your little kitchen, and love to cook me a dinner of pizza and pea salad. You also love to play with your brother, sometimes invited and sometimes just barging in on his own quiet time in his room. He is your friend, your enemy, and your companion in evil against the forces of mommy. You have ganged up on me and will giggle together from your opposing corners when put in timeout as if to mock my parenting. Your nature is sweet though, and you have daddy wrapped around your tiny fingers, a fact you know and exploit for just one more snack or cup of chocolate milk.

I want you to know that you are my sunshine, and your face my salvation on days I feel I can't take it anymore. I love you more than life itself, love you to the moon and stars and back. I can't help but to be proud of how smart you are, how independent you've become, and how beautiful you are in and out. I hope you stay just the way you are, kicking and screaming to be yourself, full of fire and spunk just like me, while maybe inheriting the quiet wisdom of your father along the way. I hope someday you can be as proud of yourself as I am of you, and that you know all along this journey how loved and cherished you are by all who know you. I hope you learn from your heartaches, grow from the troubles, and never stop learning.

I love you big girl, forever baby of my heart. Happy Birthday.

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  1. My dear sweet baby girl
    I have so enjoyed your posts of yesterday and today. I remember too those precious moments and tears. Enjoying the sweet moments and realizing that life moves forward and our sweet children grow up. Reading these post made me cry for you and also for me as I miss you so much. I miss the sweet wonderful child that you were and the sweet caring woman you've become. When I read your blogs about my grandchildren it makes me miss them all the more. I hate that I am missing so much of them and yet I feel so blessed by the knowledge that you have a wonderfully supportive family there. I am proud of the mom you have become and the family you and Evan have created.
    I love you sweet girl and pray God will continue to bless your little family.


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