So I'm a bad blogger this week....

Yes. I am. I admit it.

However, I have excuses, both good and bad. Let's start with the good.

Baby Bean has taken off right out from under me! We're getting orders left and right, so many that I'm having a hard time keeping up, I've knitted several customs, and we've got several collaborations in the works for this fall with other Hyena Cart mamas. This weekend we're participating in a local event, the Latah Creek Variety Show (see below post), where I'm hoping not so much to sell diapers as I am to spread the natural parenting word in Spokane and surrounding regions. It should be fun, we've hooked up with other local mamas from Primm 'n Proper Baby to really do it right. With all of this, I've hardly had time for anything else for the last week and half! Even tomorrow will be spent all day getting ready for the big event on Sunday!

And the bad. All of the tests my primary doctor did for all the autoimmune disorders came up with nothing, as did the thyroid and diabetes screens, so I was scheduled an appointment with a rheumatologist, which I finally had this last week. While she decided to run a comprehensive panel on everything again, she is pretty sure that she knows what the issue is, although until we get results back, she is waiting to go forward with anything. When I was younger, my doctor told my mother I was "double jointed". This meant that my joints stretched farther than most people's, making for some good photo-ops as I leaned against the couch, my knees bent back to the floor, or as I sat on the ground, legs behind my head. All very cool when you're young.

This condition is actually called hypermobility, and normally relatively harmless. This is the way it was explained to me: You have tendons which move your joints forward and ligaments that stop them at a certain point. People with hypermobility have ligaments that stretch farther, and so their joints can go farther. In pregnancy, the hormones in your body relax these ligaments even further in preparation for childbirth. You had two pregnancies one on top of the other, which aggravated this condition.

The doctor told me it will only get worse as I get older, and the pain and popping in my joints is for keeps. Good news is it's not an autoimmune disease, where my body is attacking itself. Bad news is it means my body is wearing down, it's degenerative, and I'm only 23. This doesn't seem like a good thing to me. And apparently, it can lead to a host of other problems as well. At least I know they've got some leads now and I'm not just in the dark anymore.

Alright, wish me luck at the show, and hope we get some local gals on board with the natural parenting!

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