The Usual Mish Mash

I'm in the middle of several projects right now I thought I'd share.

First up, organizing 60 samples of of wipes, essential oils, mama pads, and diapers into cute little packages for our upcoming appearance in The Spotted Box. Ribbons and business cards and the samples are over running my kitchen table right now as I wrap and tie and package then all together. The last of my samples will be here by this afternoon and I'm hoping to ship tomorrow!

Second, a custom for a sweet mama in a beautiful felted wool of blues and cream. The only drawback is somehow my yardage was off and I must journey to my mecca, known to most as JoAnns, for some more. I should be able to find the same dye lot as I picked this up not too long ago. Fingers crossed.

Third, and another excuse to hit up Jo's, is Ely's birthday crown. I found the idea in what has become one of my favorite all time books, authored by SouleMama. It's a concoction of felt, ribbon and embroidery that I hope will be a lasting tradition and treasured childhood memento for my children.

Last, well, probably not last but the last one I can think of at the moment, is updating my Christmas list for this year in my Home Companion. I'm planning on crafting most of my gifts or buying handmade from Hyena Cart and Etsy for those I can't this year. I think Christmas is too commercial nowadays and has lost a lot of love and true meaning, something I hope to rectify in a small way. Bringing handmade to Christmas just seems right. Receivers will know that their gift was special, thought out, and labored over with love and intention.

And although I can't really call these "projects" per say, I've been spending time at my favorite places online. Places that fill me with thought, creative energy, and much needed rest from the many other daily occurances that wear me out. For those that may be interested: Ravelry, a blog or two that I love, my own store, and DS.

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