Hello....Is Anyone Still Out There?

Hello old friend. Yes, I know it has been awhile. Where have I been?

Well, knitting my fingers off, getting ready for several big events like the Latah Variety Market and the congo opening, coding and stocking products on the home site until my eyes go blurry, and generally staying a little too busy. It is paying off, however. The day of the variety fair was gloomy with a steady drizzle of rain all day, but our supportive community braved it and we had a good time anyway. The congo is really coming along, and I think our opening on the 15th will prove to be an awesome collaboration between some of my favorite local mamas. And the knitting? Well, I've knitted up three pairs of longies, a soaker, a nursing necklace, and two newborn sleepsacks in the last three weeks. One more soaker and one more nursing necklace and my part in the congo will be fulfilled.

To fill you in completely on our whereabouts and activities and life would take me the better part of the afternoon, so I'm giving you a photo montage instead, with some of the fun and creative and best times of the past few weeks. Enjoy.

:the projects:

:some things i'm especially excited about:
:a sneaky peek at our congo design:

:the pink is back in my hair:

:my new ridiculously cute a.girl bag:

:the family fun times at the fair:
:daddy participating in the logging show:

:aidyn enjoying the rides:

:my blue eyes, so beautiful she takes my breath away:

:watching brother:

:ely modeling for the fall stocking:

:relaxing at home:

:enjoying fall:

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