Well hello family and friends. What brings me by after a week of absence? Why to fill you in on why I have been absent and why the trend may continue beyond just this week.

I'm not even sure where to start. I'll just dive in with no particular order in mind.

Some of my fellow talented Spokane mommies are opening a congo on Hyena Cart where my own store is listed and I've joined them. Actually, I'm heading it up with my lovely co-head Meaghan. We're set to open October 17th, and before then it's my job to organize the site, code in a template, and also set up my own part of the store. In addition I have been preparing items to go into the congo, both my own store and collaborations with the others. The list of items that must be made:
  • A calorimetry
  • A nursing necklace or two
  • A pair of longies for a collaboration with Say Sumthing (also on HC)
  • A pair of longies for a Fish in Bags collaboration with Meaghan
  • A soaker for a baby set within the congo
  • A newborn sleepsack with a very sweet whale applique
  • A set of mama pads and a wetbag to go with an Amy Butler print bag with Alicia
  • Hopefully another soaker or two for my own store

Simultaneously I am also preparing for the Latah Creek Variety Fair on the 21st of this month. My plan is to take all of the items I've been hard at work on there and accept customs for the coming months. If I can crank out a few soakers for that to sell there that would be spectacular, but I'm not holding my breath.

And of course, there is the non-stop stocking at Baby Bean. Every other week we have a themed stocking, with the interim week listing all of our in-stock AI2s and fitteds and such. This week is a Harvest stocking with fabrics by Michael Miller. April (my partner in crime for this venture) has turned out some seriously cute sets for this one, and I'm so tempted to keep one for Ely. Hazard of the job I guess.

Other projects in this time frame include:

  • Several customs for customers, including three pairs of longies and a soaker
  • Dyeing my natural yarn in Very Hungry Caterpillar colors for a collab with April, who scored some of the coveted Caterpillar fabric
  • Keeping some knits or custom slots in my store

Oh, and did I mention the co-op? I was asked if I would be interested in a co-op of my pads for the month of October, to which I replied yes because I must be crazy. Hopefully there won't be too many orders, but I've been told by April it could be upwards of 100 mama pads. If that happens I see many late nights in my future.

A bright spot, and there are several, is that Evan is converting some spare space in our bedroom into a work area for me, so that I can quit lugging my sewing machine into the dining room for use. Another is the happy little planner that is quite possibly the only thing that will keep me sane over the next two months. And finally, a practical joke today that made me laugh harder than I've laughed in ages and is still causing me a chuckle every now and then as I glace at it. My good friend Mark and my devious husband sent me a package in the mail that arrived today. I was absolutely puzzled when Evan came in with the mail and said, "Oh looks like you have a package.". I wasn't expecting anything, so I went over to open it and became even more puzzled. It was addressed to "Tawne Stillarz" (not even close...) with a return address of "Mama Pad Dudes of America, 1234 Your Street Ave., Spokane, WA 99205". I opened it up to find an accreditation plaque from the Better Business Bureau. I turned to Evan, who by this time was snickering uncontrollably and demanded an explanation, at which point he began laughing so hard he couldn't even answer me. Finally it came out that in a fit of boredom at work, they had decided I needed this plaque (it was for one of the bank branches but that branch didn't exist anymore) for my business and so they spent 3 brain cells and $4.80 to send it my way. I shall get them back, but I'm hanging it my office anyway. I'm sure I'll need a good laugh or two in the next two months.

Right now I really should get back to knitting some beads for a necklace so I can check one more thing from my rather extensive to-do list. Cheers all.

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