Catching Up, Part One

So I've decided to use my posting every day this month as a way to fill you in on the previous month when I posted not a'tall. So event number one...our cat Amada had a litter of kittens! Four to be exact, two black and two white. We came home one night to find her happily nested in our basement in the bed we had made her, two out and two on their way. The next night we woke to mews and realized she had moved her brood under our bed in a position directly below my pillow. I guess we should be thankful she didn't try to move them on top of the bed, as that might have been a little crowded.

:the whole gang:

:okapi, so named for the stripes on his legs and tail:

:bizy, because this girl is just plain busy!:

:solo, the independent girl:

:ringo, with his crazy rockstar hair:

They are just over two weeks old now and they are moving and mewing and playing with each other already. The kids could lay there and watch them all day, and I'm already trying to convince Evan that it would be a crime not to keep them all. Whether they stay or go to new homes, they will all be here for Christmas, so it will be extra special this year around our tree!

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