Come On Get Happy!

All I can post is that it is a good day. My kids are dressed, fed, happy, and playing together nicely. I managed to get completely dressed this morning (makeup and everything!) before the kids wanted breakfast. My dog is loving the sunshine and wants to run and play outside. I ordered the seeds for my garden while the little ones napped - and they actually both did! I got to enjoy a (slightly interrupted due to four kids) chat with my lovely Becky. The house is cleaned, the laundry all put away, and the bedrooms even got picked up completely. Best of all is the anticipation of a good night! My buddy Mark is coming over for dinner, which is going to be pot roast, potatoes, corn, carrots, and...wait for it...orange rolls. Do you ever just look around, breathe in deep, sigh, and think...Life is good? I'm there with you.

Life is good.

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  1. I miss you guys!!!! Yes Life IS Good! Praise Him for His wonderful goodness!!


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