As promised, the photos!

:aidyn and ely, bundled and ready to brave the snow:

:you can just see the top of the neighbors three foot fence next door sticking up:

:our six foot fence reduced to three:

:that's a playstructure of the kids' behind them, you can see the layers from the different storms:

:aidyn by the arbor, which is normally seven feet tall:

:the neighbor's tree:

:trying to clear a path yet again:

:the berms left from the plows:

:aidyn enjoyed them:

:king and queen of the mountain:

:bella was happy that the snow finally packed hard enough she could run on top of it:

:ely sinking a little:

:that's the rail of our porch behind her, sunk into the snow:

:another shot of the poor fence:

:the bushes that are so gorgeous in spring, hopefully they'll come back for us:

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