Oh Happy Day

I got so much done today! The kids and I ran errands at two stores, cleaned up the house, and played, and then while they took their naps, I updated the Baby Bean store, worked on a mei tai, and even caught up on some reading. After Evan came home, after a brief spell of craziness which involved our two hooligans trying to kill each other, I made a super delicious, very healthy dinner. Some chicken grilled in some olive oil and seasoned with tarragon, brown rice cooked in chicken broth and then tossed with some slivered almonds, and a nice dark green salad topped with a sweet and tangy raspberry vinegarette. Yum! In just a few minutes, once the children are in bed and the dishes are clean I will be venturing downstairs with my wonderful hubby to do our nightly workout, and then I think a lovely bubblebath may just be the ticket.

Hoping all of you had a day as happy as mine!

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