Three Years Later...

Three years seems like such a short time, but so much has happened in that space. Three years ago I was eloping with Evan, leaving family and friends behind to join myself forever to the man I was madly in love with. Already growing inside of me, Aidyn was our only witness, the proof of our devotion that seemed to spring up over night. When they found out, family was stunned and friends put bets on how long it would last. I supposed it must have looked crazy to those who couldn't understand. How could they?
Aidyn was born and we bought our first house, and somehow, year number one was gone. A fluke, they muttered behind our backs. Year number two brought a new job, a bigger house and another new baby, our Ely. Friends were openly amazed that it had lasted, less sure in their boasts as we watched their relationships crumble while ours continued loving. This last year has brought happiness and pain, many changes for the better and some we could have done without. Friends now apologize for their doubt, finally able to see what we saw so long ago.

I've loved Evan from the first month I knew him. My heart told me even then that he was the one, and it wasn't long before my mind followed. He's faithful and loyal, practical and steadfast, nurturing and loving. He loves me in all of my insane moods, and is the most wonderful father I could ever have imagined. He's my best friend, and every morning I get to wake up to him is a blessing that I could never have imagined possible. We've been through some crazy ups and downs, and always, our love has pulled us through.

Happy Anniversary Evey Pooh. I love you more now than the day you slid your ring on my finger and promised to be mine forever.

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