So, a normal post about life this morning, no meanderings on random topics, just the facts.

Evan is working too much, it seems like he's constantly at work! I can't complain about the money, but I miss him horribly when he has to work weekends and such, and it makes my days with the kids seem to drag at times when I know he has to work late. Oh well, this too shall pass!

The kiddos are doing well. Aidyn is learning all sorts of things now, from numbers to letters to days of the week and weather. It's great to watch him catch on to new things and spit them back out at me. Ely baby has been cranky on and off as her teeth finish coming in, but she's getting more and more fun and picking up so many new words! She says "brother" and "love you" and parrots many other cute things as well. My favorite is the way she says "Tank oo" when you give her something, it's very sweet.

As far as me, I'm starting to really get a routine worked out for me. The haircut was a huge confidence boost, and I still have fun trying out random styles with it. I'm slowly easing into working out every night of the week with Ev, and I have a great exercise plan that I'm excited about. Evan and I have pledged to eat even healthier than we do already, which is actually saying something. I've been feeling better and happier lately.

I decided to push off Baby Bean for awhile. This winter will be a planning and stockpiling time, and in the spring we'll really get going. I needed the break for some clarity and a plan of action so that when I'm mentally ready to jump back into it, I have a good direction to go in. I don't feel like this is a backward step, just a brief pause in the big scheme.

Well, off to Bible Study I go. Cheers!

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