And So It Is.....

Welcome to my very slow paced day. The chores are done, the kids are napping, and my feet are up (for the moment).

I've been spending time on this HUGE forum that I just joined, Motheringdotcommune. It's a natural parenting site sponsered by Mothering magazine. I've been there before but was too intimidated to join, but yesterday I finally plucked up the courage and signed up, and I've been posting like mad ever since. There is so much information and support, it makes my cloth diapering, extended nursing, attached heart jump for joy! It's nice to find support for my parenting ideas and see that others are benefiting from it as well.

I also have been reading a new cookbook I bought yesterday that I've been perusing. It's called, "Food No Matter What! Stories and Recipes for Perfect Dining in and Imperfect World", and it's hysterical. They have food for any situation, and I mean any. My favorites so far are "Nailing down dinner, menus for the woman who just had a manicure", "Dinner ad nauseum, dinners you can make while nauseated", and "The invasion of Normandy, entertaining cooks better than you". Hilarious!

The only negative part of my day is this small problem that is bothering me. Last year I had a cookie party, and invited Evan's family over to decorate Christmas cookies. It was a lot of fun, and after talking with his sisters, I decided to do it again. I decided to spruce it up this year and went out and bought all sorts of goodies, including door prizes for best cookie and such. At our brunch on Sunday, Evan's mom suddenly says, "Oh, by the way, we're doing cookies next weekend." I was kind of flabbergasted and said, I thought I was doing that, I already bought everything. She says, Oh, just bring it. Now this is not something his family ever did, last year it was my idea and I planned it alone. They just decided to do it this year without even asking me. I know this may seem stupid, but here is why it matters so much to me. Every year we spend Christmas here. I don't even ask to go home, because with snowy roads and Christmas costs, it doesn't make much sense, so we just stay here with his family. And every year, I follow their traditions. Christmas cookies and candies were a big deal in my family, and that was the motiviation behind my party last year...establishing a familiar tradition of my own here. I feel like they just took it away without even asking me, and it's been bothering me for days now.

OK, enough ranting and raving. I'm off to read my funny cookbook!

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