Sounds Like A Case of The Mondays!

Do you ever have days where it seems like nothing goes right and everything you touch fizzles and dies? Boy did I have a whopper yesterday. So bad that upon waking up this morning, I ran a mental review to assess exactly what I did that started the landslide that was my life yesterday. The first mistake was breakfast, or lack thereof as I immediately began my chores without so much as a multi vitamin in my stomach. Which is why this morning finds me with a large protein shake and yogurt (and a multi vitamin!) sitting calmly at my keyboard before the momentum of my day picks up.

So why was yesterday such a bomb, you ask? Well, let me enlighten you....
It started in a jumble as I tried to multitask the cleaning of my weekend-messy home and keeping up with kids. Nothing too bad. When naps came I swapped my usual half hour down time for laundry, power cleaning, organising some closets, and wrapping more Christmas presents. Feeling a great sense of accomplishment, I finished just in time to go scoop Ely out of her crib and cuddle her for a moment before her brother's door opened and heralded the official end of nap time.

From here, things begin to get hazy, but I believe it started with the tempers. The usual rosy, sleepy smiles that follow nap time were replaced by angry eyebrows and some serious whining. It continued for three hours. I had planned to take some candids of the kids in these cute little antlers so I could get my Christmas cards ordered. Not one to be deterred, I pressed on. I was nearly crying by the end of twenty minutes. They tore the antlers off, ran away, cried, and generally raised havoc.

A good depiction of our photo shoot.

Aidyn actually pooped right in the middle, so I took a break to change his diaper. Right as I was done, they actually sat down, so I grabbed up my camera and tried to snap a few before they ran in all directions again. I did manage to grab a decent shot before Ely ran away, straight into the diaper I'd left on the floor when I snatched the camera back up. Not only did she run into it, she picked it up and started flinging it around. Needless to say, a bath followed. In the bath, Aidyn, for reasons known only to himself, bit Ely's finger...hard. She retaliated by pinching him. No ordinary pinch, a pinch that lasted two minutes and took both Dani and myself to pry off. And so, the kids exited the bath screaming. I thought, well, they just need a little drink. Aidyn requested juice, which he hadn't had for several days, so I went to get some and discovered we were out. Milk? No, juice. Water? No, juice. I improvised with watered down Crystal Light. I took a quick trip to the bathroom to drain the tub, and returned to the living room to discover what happens when two naughty children take the lids off of their cups and empty the contents onto the nice off white carpet. At this point, I actually did cry. Twenty minutes of scrubbing turned the big red puddle into a big pink puddle. It was shortly after this I called Evan and told him in no uncertain terms to come home. We ordered pizza because mama did not feel like cooking after her day, and I spent the rest of the night trying to unwind enough to be able to sleep. A little cuddling and TV with Ev after the kids were in bed did the job, and I woke up this morning with new optimism...which brings us to right now!

A few nights ago we had Evan's Christmas party, which I looked killer for BTW. It was a lot of fun, and he actually won a door prize, a really nice fishing reel. After we went out with some of his co-workers and danced for awhile. Sunday morning we went to church and then brunch, as usual, but I left early with a migraine. I actually had to have someone else drive me home (Evan was working end of month) and watch the kids because I couldn't even see straight. I've been having these recently and am starting to wonder if I should perhaps mosey into my doctor's office and get checked over. In other recent news, the rain from yesterday melted all of my beautiful snow and I opened my door this morning to a rather Spring looking scene. Bah Humbug!

Anyway, hope your Christmas season is going well, with or without snow!

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