A Not So Very Busy Day

Another cold and brisk morning. I plan on enjoying this day to it's fullest, no chores, no "have to's", just kids and fun and relaxing. So far we've drug our pillows and blankets out to the living room and spent the morning singing along to Dora and having a couch picnic of our favorite cereals and milk. Perhaps later we'll make some cookies, or just lay on the floor playing and coloring. Who knows, we may even feel adventurous and wander outside to build a snowman!

Tomorrow will be a busy day. Evan has to work, and I have all of my usual day to day stuff, as well as a hair appointment and getting ready for a snazzy Christmas party. We haven't gone previously, but Evan's boss told him that it's about time he put in an appearance for the higher ups, so off we go. I'm not sure what I'm doing with my hair, other than a hairstyle for the party. I need some color, but I don't know if I'll do more pink or keep it darker and simpler this time. I love the pink, but since it's winter, I feel like darker colors might be more appropriate. Guess I'll decide tomorrow :)

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