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I was having a talk with Evan last night about the future. It seems like I'm always trying to find a purpose, a direction to go. I've been thinking, well, what am I going to do someday when my children are older? I was thinking, what makes me truly happy? The answer, when it dawned on me, was so simple and blatant. So here is my new life plan, what I want to be when I'm "grown up"...

I want to be the best mother I can. My children will never have to ask if I am going, because they will know that I will be in the first row. I will be there to pick them up and drop them off at every activity they wish to pursue. I will support their dreams. I will help with homework. Most of all, I will love the dickens out of them and put their welfare and needs ahead of my own.

I want to be the best wife I can be. I will support my husband's career and goals. I will complain less and give backrubs more. I will make sure his clothes are clean and he comes home to a good meal. I will be there to listen when he's had a bad day. I will be his biggest fan and cheer him on.

I want to be the best neighbor I can. I will welcome new faces with cookies and a smile. I will wave while we shovel our walks and always offer a helping hand.

I want to be the best housewife I can. I will make a home that is filled with love even if it lacks material goods. I will take pride in keeping it clean and comfortable and warm. I will cook delicious meals for those I love and provide a safe haven for my family.

I want to be the best human I can. I will smile at those others pass by, I will help those who can't help themselves. I will spend time, energy, and money to reach out to those who need a hand.

I want to be the best Christian I can. I want to have a heart like His. I want to do what He leads me to do. I want to be open to His word and works, so that if he sees fit he can use me for His purpose.

These may not be lofty goals, nor are any of them lucrative in any way. Mother, wife, neighbor and friend were all unpaid postitions last time I checked, and I can't tell you how many times I get the pasted smile when I say I am simply a housewife, but I suddenly don't feel the need to make an excuse or try to find a different path. Society may think of what I do as lowly or unvaluable, but my family and the people around me appreciate what I do. It's time I started to as well.

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  1. Hi there. I just stumbled upon your blog and I absolutely love this post. Your aspirations are so noble and your family is so blessed to have a devoted woman who loves them so.

    I look forward to looking around more and reading through your blog.

    Blessings to you and your family.


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