This, that, and the kitchen sink....

Good frosty morning!

I love the morning after a snowfall, when you look outside and the world is white and glittering. It seems so fresh and quiet. As I shoveled my walk this morning, I savored the few minutes to myself in the darkness, nothing but the sound of my shovel, everything around me still and beautiful. I love this time of year!

I've been spending quite a bit of time on MDC. I ended up making a contribution, which means they gave me some added features, like adding an avatar (I used a photo of Tracy's that I love), improved profile, more inbox space, and the one I like best, a cooler siggy! I've been getting so many good ideas from the women on there, and I've even managed to meet some moms from Spokane! We're planning to get together and meet after the holidays. Fun!

Ely girl is feeling sickly today, she spent most of last night trying to hack up a lung. We were going to go hang out with our friend Becky today, but decided we better skip it, so today will be an indoor, relaxing type of day I think. I have to go brave the post office (I hate the PO during the holidays) and get my oil changed this afternoon. This weekend is full of activites we've committed to, including a graduation party, a night at our friends' house, church (of course), and a birthday party. Whew!

I plan on updating the recipe of the week later today. Yes, I'm well aware that it has been orange rolls for the better part of two months....sue me. I think maybe I'll just rename it the "Recipe of the whenever I feel like changing it".

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