Wrinkles Galore!

OK, can't wait. In my last post I mentioned another upcoming "new" in our house. I was going to wait to announce it until he/she arrived, but it's taking too long! So here we go....

We're getting a bulldog! Evan has always wanted one and we've been spending massive amounts of time lately researching good breeders in our area. We've narrowed it down to a few prospective breeders and their litters due 2008. We want to make sure that we find just the right bully for our family.

Why a bulldog you ask? Many reasons, the top of our list being...

1. They are ridiculously cute.

2. They love kids.

3. They are calm and don't require as much exercise or room as larger more active dogs.

4. They are fiercely loyal and protective to their homes and families. If a burglar were breaking in chances are he wouldn't be too happy after meeting a bulldog. Further, because they are so loyal to their homes and people, they don't even like leaving their yard without their humans.

5. Have I mentioned they are adorable?

Yes, there are downsides. Bulldogs have some inherent health problems (which is why we're being so choosy about the breeder), they fart, and they snore. You also need to wipe them down daily to avoid skin and odor problems. We've decided we can live with all of this in light of all their great attributes.

Anyway, adding a new label...The Search for the Perfect Bully. Look for details of our quest in the future!

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