Spring in my Heart

Right now I am stalking the mailman. No, quite literally, I am perched on a chair by my window, pausing in my typing every few minutes to glance out and see if he is making his rounds yet. Today with my regular assortment of credit card offers and bills will be a box, or perhaps a large envelope, containing one pair of pink and green Llamajama longies. Ely will look so ridiculously cute in them that I can hardly contain myself. Where are you Mr. Postman?

This week is going much smoother than last week. This last weekend my family helped me with a cleaning spree that covered everything from the basement to laundry to closets and the kitchen, so I feel I'm sitting in the midst of a sparkly, fresh smelling house. I'm beginning to plot my garden and backyard for this Spring, as well as planning how exactly I will make my basement seem cleaner, fresher, and all around happier once I have a free room for myself again down there.

This week is full of cheerful, bright activities to look forward to. Tomorrow is bible study followed by a trip to Tuesday Morning with my bud Tracy. On Wednesday I will finally learn how to make my knitting needles speed through a skein of yarn and produce little soakers with Mackenzie. Thursday looks blissfully empty at this point, and Friday will be bringing an all night cropping session with some of my favorite scrapbooking friends. (Note to self, print out pictures so I have something to scrapbook with...).

If only every day could be as peaceful as this one :)

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