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My name is Tawny, I'm a SAHM in the Pacific Northwest! Wait, you probably got that already, huh? Well, to further elaborate, I have two munchkins, my big boy helper Aidyn and my much too cute Ellery. We also have an english bulldog named Bella and a sweet kitty named Amada. I own Baby Bean Designs, which is currently in the midst of a rehaul for spring and focuses on natural parenting solutions like cloth diapers and carriers. I love the color pink, books of all kinds, shoes, cooking, and a good stiff white chocolate mocha in the morning. My pet peeves are people who can't park straight to save their lives and that one hair that just won't lay straight no matter how hard I try. My family embarked on a "natural" journey last year has led us into the territory of cloth diapering, better eating, composting, and gardening. My sister calls it hippy, but I guarentee you won't find any Birkenstocks in my closet, nor do I ever intend to stop showering or shaving. I have a full, fun life that I too often take for granted, but I love every minute of it anyway!

For all of you stopping by in the midst of the blog party to read my two cents and shower my little blog with comments, make sure you leave the name and URL address of your own blog in a comment after this or the previous post, and I'll give you some permanent linky love in my sidebar even after the party is over! I'm having so much fun "meeting" you all!

I'm also loving those prizes! I'd have to say, my favorites would be:
1. #24, A blog design from Sweet and Simple Design, because let's face it, this place could use some freshening up!
2. #136, A knitting goody bag from Craftymom, because I just can't get enough of my new hobby!
3. #14, The custom wall canvas by JuJu Beane Boutique, because I have an empty expanse of wall and that would rock it!

Really, I'd be happy with any of the great prizes, especially any of those blog design ones! I would love to spiff up my corner of the web!

Party on, I can't wait to meet some more of you!


  1. Love those names, Aidyn and Ellery! I don't think I've heard of those names before (or at least not that I can remember), which makes them so unique!

    My fiancee and I plan on doing natural parenting when our bundle gets here. Cloth diapers, babywearing, co-sleeping, all of the above!

    I'm with you on parking thing. I can't stand people who don't park right! Especially when I'm at a crowded place where the parking lots are filled to the back, and there's a space open at the front that I can't pull into to because someone decided that one spot wasn't enough for their car! So they take up half of the next one to it also! Has to be one of my biggest pet peeves!

  2. Thanks for coming by! Thanks for the advice on the Mei Tei. I am very interested in getting on of those too! The sleepy wrap is so cool!!! I can't wait to "back carry"! And yes, I am TYPE A!!!! I'll put you on my blogroll!


  3. Sweet party! Thanks for all the fun things to read and see on your blog. Your Aidyn is such a cutie! Check out my Aidan at my blog. Bring the party over!

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog party.
    I enjoyed myself so much at your party! I feel your energy and enthusiasm!
    I hope your new couch arrived! Your orange rolls look lucious!

    Eleisia at


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