A Little of This, A Pinch of That

To catch you up on my week:

!. (I meant to make that a one, but I hit shift and ended up with an exclamation, which I started to change and then decided I liked the idea of numbering with symbols) I started taking some medication which made me break out in a rash and feel slightly drunk. Not go home with a stranger drunk, but bad white girl dancing drunk...never good. Needless to say, haven't chanced a repeat.

@. We started the measuring and calling for and planning of our garage. Spokane County codes...stink.

#. Aidyn has been a rock star at using the potty, minus the pooping. He has decided his diaper is much better for that, and in the case mommy has a temporary lapse in judgement and lets him roam free without one, the floor works too. On a related note, Ely decided that poop is an excellent medium for finger painting on walls and trying as hair and body products...but that's a different story.

$. I finished my first ever knitted object, a soaker for my sister in law's baby to be. It's cute and sweet and pretty darn okay if I do say so myself. Of course you get a picture....

%. I have an appointment today to see a lady about a natural and holistic approach to bipolar disorder. Lots of amino acids and good diet routines. Bring it on!

^. I dyed a bunch of prefolds that finally came in the mail, and they are SPECTACULAR! Of course, another picture....
&. I got nothin', I just like the symbols :)

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