A Peek in the Closet

I was asked recently how I manage to keep my kids cloth diapered. The simplest explanation...meet my diaper stash!

From the top to bottom, in a sort of clockwise motion:
Premium prefolds I recently tie dyed in some vibrant colors. Premium prefolds are the biggest size you can get before you hit the toddler size, and mine are a 4x8x4, which means there are four layers on the sides and eight in the middle...very absorbent! On the orange bunch are two of my Snappis, which are little doodads that have "teeth" in them to grab at the material and hold it together. No pins for us!

Next are some prefolds awaiting their turn in the dye bath. The first bunch are premiums, the second are toddler size. I have some special plans for these babies, courtesy of the Dharma Trading Co.

Right under those you'll find some Proraps covers, not the most attractive ones on the market, but around home, these suckers are bullet proof, nothing gets through! Next to those are a few of my homemade fitteds, which work like a prefold, but are made in a fitted form for a trimmer fit. They work really well with the Proraps.

Next to those are the inserts and doublers for the green, pink, and blue BumGenius pocket diapers in the bottom middle. Pockets have one layer of wicking material that holds moisture away from baby's bottom coupled with one layer of waterproof material, and then a pocket between the two to stuff an insert for absorbency. We generally use these out and about since they are nice and trim fitting under clothes, and less bulk to carry around in a diaper bag. The doublers I use a night with a prefold, fitted, or in the BGs to add a little extra absorbency.

Last but not least is my tiny wool stash. Wool is an awesome diaper medium that works well as covers because it can absorb 30 times it's weight in moisture! It also breathes, is antimicrobial, doesn't hold smell, and needs only be washed every couple of weeks. The very back light brown pair of longies are Aidyn's, which I made from an old wool sweater. The pink and green longies are from LlamaJama, they are Ely's favorite pair. The pink and purple cover is a wool interlock from Thumbelina, and the cream is also interlock from the Vermont Diaper Co. Wool interlock is nice and trim, but still so good at keeping everything in.

Of course, there are a few things missing from this picture of perfection. The pink prefolds I just dyed were used yesterday by the Bean, and there are a few other prefolds, BGs, fitteds, and cover or two awaiting the wash already. There's also another pair of recycled longies from that same sweater drying in the rack.

Call me crazy, but that picture makes me smile to myself, the proof of a success from one of my harebrained schemes.


  1. All I can say is, "Wow! That's amazing!"

  2. Cloth diaper talk... I'm learning...somewhat, lol! I have a few AIO cloth diapers for experimenting, the grandmommies are gonna get me some more after delivery.


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