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And so my beloved corner hits its 100th post. My place to vent and ponder, to channel the endless energy of my highs and collect the sad words of my downs. I've been waiting, wanting to blog about something spectacular for such an occasion before realizing that the common everyday occurrences are what makes this blog, well, uniquely mine, and therefore, are good enough for any post, even this one.

This week has been filled to the brim with activity. The garage is coming along, or should I say the preparation for the garage is coming along. We had to cut down a tree and remove endless piles of brush and debris from the plot of land the garage will sit on. And of course, the inevitable bump in our well made plans came today, when we were informed of a major setback on our property. The phone company has a small box on the corner of our land, and apparently they have rights all the way around it, meaning we have to set the building 10 feet away from it. We were planning on maybe two, so that eats up a major portion of our backyard that I wasn't prepared to give up. I'd like to thank the lady who owned this house in 1996 and thought that 500 dollars was worth giving up arbitrary rights to an entire corner of your property. I will post pictures of the progress in a lovely before and after post soon though!

The kids and I started lap booking this week, a concept introduced to us by MacKenzie of Mama Kenz Studio. Aidyn is in love with it, he helps me glue in a little of this and a little of that, and then comes back to it through the day to browse through it. It's simple, fun, and nice to feel like I've got a start in the homeschooling area.

Bible study on Tuesday was very good. We had a great lesson about learning to be content even when circumstances aren't the greatest, and trusting God through all of our ups and downs. We discussed what we'd like to do next as we only have one lesson left, and I think we've settled on a great book I've just started, "Passionate Housewives, Desperate for God". It will work somewhat like a book club, where we'll read a chapter a week and then discuss together.

Speaking of reading, I picked up a random read from the library, "The Chemistry of Joy". It's an approach to understanding depression using Western science combined with Eastern wisdom, namely the practice of Ayurvedic medicine and Buddhism. Who would have expected that? So far it's fascinating, and truthfully, makes a lot of good sense. I think there's something to taking the best out of all the methods and finding some common ground.

The kids are emitting their nightly "I'm cranky and need to find a pillow" sounds, and so I'll bid you goodnight dear bloggy and even dearer readers. Happy 100th post!

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