Spring has Sprung

The weather has been gorgeous lately. The mornings are crisp and frosty, but bright. The afternoons are warm and sunny, and the evenings have been cool and mild. The patches of snow become smaller by the day, and my irises have already begun to poke through the frigid bed in front of my house. The unmistakable signs of spring have, well, sprung.

This spring is different for me from most. It seems to hold more promise, more joy. Not only is the winter weather coming to a close, but the winter that has been in my heart is also thawing. My appointment is this week, and I'm tentatively optimistic that I'll soon be healthy and strong again. The sunshine has done wonders for my mood lately. I've also started several of the projects that I've looked forward to for so long. I began learning some knitting by myself from Knitting Help, and have already benefited from the relaxation it offers. Evan and I signed papers on our refinance, which means the money for a new garage and wood fence (and perhaps a little landscaping) is safely in the bank and ready when we are. Hopefully by May we'll have a snug garage and beautiful backyard that will be a haven for us. Last but certainly not least, I started putting together my Home Management Binder. I've had one for awhile, but after some research on MDC I decided that mine was sorely lacking and completely revamped it. For those of you who don't know what an HMB is, I plan to devote an entire post to it soon to enlighten you.

Other tidbits from life lately....

My sister came with her girls and shared a lovely day with me and the kiddos. We're planning on seeing each other again in May. She lives about eight hours away, so I treasure any time I get to spend with her.

Levi and Dani tied the knot on Wednesday night at The Hitching Post, which brought back fond memories of a different wedding there almost four years ago. It was sweet and simple, and I haven't seen my brother smile so much in ages.

On the not so pleasant front, I developed what I thought was a UTI, which I ignored while waiting for my new insurance to kick in. Finally, unable to take the pain, I went into urgent care yesterday, where I was told I actually had a bladder infection, and that I would be lucky to escape a kidney infection, which apparently is much more serious and requires hospitalization. Go figure. I think it's starting to get better, although my stomach is still on fire. And in the meantime I did enjoy a lovely day out with Evan and the kids, which brings me back to the weather.

Isn't the sunshine nice?

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  1. Hey Tawny, I just wanted to pop over and see if you would be at knit club this weekend, and either way, if you were interested in getting together sometime! I see that you have been knitting a bit! I hope you are feeling better, and that we are able to meet up eventually. :)


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