Shakin' it Up

You're going to be seeing a few changes on here. I've come to the conclusion that the reason I spend less time blogging these days is because I'm spending more time with my knitting and spinning and business in general. So I'm combining the two!

I could, of course, open an entirely seperate blog for the business aspect, but I imagine that would make my absences even more obscene. Therefore, I plan to make this my record of craft business-y things as well, so that even if it's not my usual witty banter on my kids, dog, house, husband, and life in general...at least I will be here! And who doesn't like seeing an awesome knit or rocking handspun from time to time?

The truth is, fiber is my life at this point. It seems to be always in my hands, whether I'm knitting away at a custom or relaxing to the steady whir of my wheel. My front room has become my getaway, my dojo. While the kids quietly (and sometimes not) build their puzzles at my feet, I'm content to fold into my big leather chair and meditate on how the stitches come together, how the colors blend, and how art grows from humble beginnings.

And I see things differently from that chair. The light seems softer, turning my yarn different shades, and life seems better, slower, more refined. I love those moments. Is it any wonder I spend more and more time seeing things from that view?

Um, right, back on point. I didn't mean to wax poetic on you.

Anyway, don't be surprised if you start finding my love of fiber creeping into this blog more and more often. I'm sure when summer hits I'll be back to posts of family fun and my garden and friends, but for now, I am content to share the simple joys of my life with you.

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