Afternoon in my Room

Welcome to the late hours of afternoon here in my home. The breeze blowing in through the front door, opened to take advantage of the sunny weather, has that sweet earthy smell that comes with Spring. The sound of the neighbors washing their car and kids playing basketball is further proof that winter is releasing us at last.

Today has been a lazy but productive one. I got the simple chores that keep my mind sane done early this morning, leaving me free to enjoy time with the kids and planning my garden. This weekend is ground breaking day, so the seeds must be in order and plans drawn to give all that new plant goodness a home. The little seedlings that have taken root indoors over the last several weeks will soon be moving out as well. After nap time we ventured out to clean Vanny and then take a little trip to the store to find some potato free ice cream. Then it was home again to play some more and eat drippy popsicles!

There's so much that I've meant to share with you all this last month that just went by the wayside in the midst of my health concerns and life in general. The pictures of the little tomatoes, peppers and lettuce pushing their way through the soil in pots around the house (25 of them in all). The daffodils that Evan surprised me with that brightened my table for a week. The little projects here and there that made my day. I know they're late, but they deserve to be shared, so here are little glimpses of the way Spring has made its way into my home over the last few weeks.


:hello tomatoes:

:a hat for ely:

:newborn shorties for a customer, it had a matching hat as well:

There is one recent event, however, that I can show pictures for in a timely manner! This last weekend my Evan, sometimes known as P.I.E and Steven Eller, turned 27! I gathered our friends for a last minute surprise party and we hit Outback Steakhouse to get him some prime rib and then the casino so we could all lose some money!

:that's his "i'm in the mood for prime rib" face:

:our friends kept complimenting me on my shirt. i hardly ever wear lower cut shirts so i guess it was a bit of a change:

:evan and mark, my two best men:

:showing some brother love - my little brother levi to be exact:

I hope your day has been pleasant and mild, full of sunshine and belly laughs like mine has!

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  1. Thanks!! I need this! Love you all!! Glad Evan had a good day!!!


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