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It's snowing again this morning. That has absolutely nothing to do with this post, but I thought I would note that once again, Mother Nature has missed the memo.

I had my follow up and first adjustment with the chiropractor yesterday afternoon. The x-rays showed that although my right hip is indeed sitting higher than my other it's not because it's out of joint. My pelvis is tipped backward, a fact I was already aware of after 13 hours of labor with Sharkbait when they told me I would need a c-section because he couldn't fully engage thanks to said pelvic tilt. Apparently I can also thank it for the state of my back! Because of the way it's positioned one of my lower vertebrae has twisted so that it now sits rather sideways, and it just so happens that it's the one located adjacent to the muscle and ligament that pain me every night...coincidence? I think not. That poor muscle is all balled up with tension there, accounting for my sleepless nights. So the plan of attack is to stretch that muscle back out, twist the vertebrae so it sits right again, and ease the hip back down into position. I have to go in twice a week for six weeks to get it fully straightened out. He also wants to keep an eye on the scoliosis in my middle back, something I was aware of but didn't realize quite how bad it was until I saw the x-rays. The only plus side to this whole thing, besides of course eventually being pain free, is that the doctor and his aides are so nice!

Anyway, they did the first adjustment yesterday. I was pretty sore last night but didn't wake up once in the night - which at this point is nothing short of a miracle for me!

The other news this week happened a few nights ago when Evan's aunt called us to tell us that his grandma had been hospitalized. Apparently she'd had an internal bleed that they couldn't figure out where it was coming from, then she developed Influenza A, and finally a blackage somewhere in her bowel. With all the other problems she's had she's not a good candidate for surgery, so they basically told us that she had a 50/50 chance, and that if she couldn't pass it they wouldn't really be able to do much. We got there as soon as we could the next day, just in time to be informed that they were moving her to ICU. For some reason she was getting air in okay, but couldn't get it back out, so there was CO2 building up in her lungs and they had to intubate her and put this huge mask on her as well. She didn't cooperate so they had to restrain her slightly. By the time we were able to see her she was pretty well out. However, I'm happy to report, that as of yesterday she was improving. Talking, ordering the nurses around, and demanding pudding and her checkbook so she could pay bills! She still hasn't passed the blockage but the doctor said things were starting to move again so it's more hopeful. We were all pretty scared there for a while.

All in all it's been a full and rather draining week, as it's end of month and quarter for Ev at work and so we've been waking up even earlier than our usual butt-crack-of-dawn time. Yesterday we rolled out at 4:30, today 5. It looks like it's ending on a positive note though, with grandma looking better and some answers for me. I also managed to crank out several customs that are blocking right now, pictures to come. Even better, tomorrow my other and better half turns 27 and I get a night away with him for a relaxing dinner and maybe a movie after (Fast and Furious comes out tomorrow!).

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  1. I'm glad things are FINALLY getting figured out!! I hope things continue to get better!!


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