Is Love Enough?

I used to think that love was enough...now I know better. When we're young we have wildly optimistic and romantic notions about love and life. We're told we can do anything we put our minds to, all you need is love, and when one door closes another opens. I used to believe that...then I had kids. What none of those people tell you is that the door that closes is in reality being slammed in your face by your angry two year old, while the only thing on your mind is how much you'd like to lock said two year old in a closet and fly somewhere tropical. And let me tell you, at that point you realize love is never enough. At some point reality sets in...mortgage payments, mountains of laundry, and three hundred tantrums about no chocolate for breakfast. But then sometimes, in the middle of the daily grind I call my life, my four month old smiles her big gummy smile at me. Sometimes Aidyn takes my hand and pulls me to his room to play cars with him. Sometimes while making dinner, I peek into the living room to watch Evan holding our two little wonders in his arms in a rare moment of calm, seemingly oblivious to the hectic world around them. And at that point I realize, sometimes, love is exactly enough.

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