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Good Morning!

Last week I hired an awesome designer to redo the Baby Bean website. Her name is Tabatha of Tickled Pink Designz. I saw the finished template this weekend, and it is amazing! The colors and patterns, it's all exactly what I wanted, before I even knew I wanted it! Great new things are happening behind the scenes too! I'm working with several other WAHMs to establish a great new product line. That's right, we have a new "staff". The further along things progress, the more excited I am about it.

We managed to somehow hook a 15 minute spot on a radio show to promote ourselves. It will air in late September, which will coincide perfectly with the re-grand opening of the new site. We hope to have our newest product line up and ready at that time too.
In other news....

Ely girl started walking this weekend, her little steps are the cutest thing I've seen in a long time. She's still pretty shaky, but getting better every day.

Aidyn has been at the doctor quite a bit the past couple of weeks. They're afraid he has something called meatal stenosis. If you don't know what that is...well, it's a closing of the meatus....look it up :) Anyway, it may or may not require surgery, so fingers crossed and prayers our way!

Evan is gearing up for his annual trip to Alaska. They're going for salmon and halibut this year, but I think they're hoping a few black rockfish jump the line too, because they sure were yummy last year!

As for me, I'm just busy doing what mommies do. With the new stuff at Baby Bean and at home, I am one busy woman!

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