The flu that has gripped our house for the better part of a week is making its way out of the door into the crisp spring air. It was a week of exhaustion, cranky kids, more body fluids than I care to remember, and many, many cuddles. This is just one of the scenes that played itself out repeatedly, in this case, Ely sling style in the mei tai sleeping.Sharkbait and the Bean, known to most as Aidyn and Ely, have bright shiny faces again, and are, even as I type, running pell mell in all directions of the house. The wellness came not a moment too soon as we gear up this weekend to finish up the garage. This weekend will be a giant push toward completeness, with *hopefully* only the concrete floor remaining to do. My part will be mostly feeding the large number of males who will be hammering, sawing, and drilling away. And for my blog, this close to completeness has me organizing photos and planning the huge before and after post. This garage and fence and backyard building project has been such a major part of life for us that it just wouldn't seem quite right to pass it by without a tribute to it somewhere in the pages of this blog that marks the fast march of days in my life.

Another milestone, not quite so huge or grand, is the passing of my cherry chocolate cell phone. It's been a friend for almost two years, the coolest phone I'd ever owned. Unfortunatly, of late, my little cellie has taken to random prank calls. I will go to pick it up to find it calling a number picked at its own leisure from my phonebook or else get calls "back" from people I never called to begin with. (Sorry Steve!) And so, the chocolate is gone, and has been replaced with none other than......the LG Voyager! Yes, my friends, yes. The coolest of the cool cell phones of this year is now in my possession. Its sleek, its fun, it lets me text up a storm. I, of course, am in love. I need to name it, it can't bear its slave name forever. I'm leaning towards Snickerdoodle. I was also lucky enough to get the new Jawbone bluetooth headset, which I'm sure will save me from the many tickets I was sure to get with the new cell phone law now in effect in Washington. I will leave you with a picture of my new toys, in a lovely pink hue. Caio!

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