As If You Didn't Notice....

My blog has changed! Again!

I was playing with some code earlier today and realized, much to my consternation, that I had in fact deleted a very integral part of my HTML and had no real way to make it come back to me. With it so far gone already, I decided the time was ripe for a little redesigning and so coded in something new. I've kept certain elements that were dear to me, added in a little new flavor and tried to integrate all the aspects of my life. You'll now find project updates via Ravelry, mood updates via Twitter, and tons of fantastic links to the places on the web I hang most. I also decided to help out my fellow HC mamas; those three ad buttons you see over on the right will feature only Hyena Cart stores for your browsing pleasure, because the world would be that much better if everyone shopped hand made, and more specifically, HC!

Hope the new format is to your liking! Cheers!

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  1. How did you get the Ravelry project updates tracker?! Very Cool!


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