No, no, no!

Friday night after watching some television, Evan got up to check the kids and I followed him to check my email before turning in for the night; the house was dark, because who bothers to turn on lights? I heard Evan's shout about the same time I stepped in something soft, and no, it wasn't dog doo. I wish it had been.

It was Ely's hair. Piles of silky, beautiful, golden hair. Evan found her holding my knitting scissors, surrounded by the wreckage of her mop. Apparently unable to sleep, she had climbed the gate at her door (another skill learned!), found the scissors I stupidly left on my desk, and proceeded to give herself a little trim, plus cut up a book that apparently wasn't to her liking. When I entered the bathroom and saw her head, I literally burst into tears. And continued to sob amidst the locks of hair for 15 minutes after that. Ely, however, was rather pleased with herself and patted my shoulder while I bawled, before looking into my rather watery eyes and saying solemnly, "It's okay mommy, I'm pretty!". Her bangs, which she didn't have before, are now almost at the top of her forehead. On either side portions were cut haphazardly out, the worst being the large chunk taken out right beside her ear where her ear now shows plainly through, like a little curtain has parted for it.

So before, Ely's hair had never been cut once in her 2 1/2 years on planet earth, and fell in silky golden locks that ended in ringlets to her bum. On Saturday I trimmed it up to the very longest piece of her hack job, which ended right at her shoulders. This Wednesday she has an appointment to clean it up, which I'm sure will end in her having hair about the length of mine or less, and I will post pictures of that final job, but for now, here is Ely post self given haircut, after her little job, and finally, what is looks like now while we wait to get in for a real appointment. Trust me, these pictures don't even begin to do justice to what it really looks like. And please excuse the runny nose in these, she's had it for the last week and it never stops!

About a week before.

The massacre

Ugh, the bangs.

You can tell she's proud, can't you?

This is where the ear chunk is, although it's hidden in this picture.

I want to cry every time I see this.

Post mommy trim up.

The back

She was saying, "Seeeee?" in this one.
I'll make sure and post pics on Wednesday of the completed look. At least now I won't have to try to keep it out of her face and it will be nice and cool for summer. Look at the positives, look at the positives, look at the positives, cry.

Oh, and before I forget this funny tidbit!
Not only did she swipe my scissors, she swiped my permanent marker. And snuck into her brother's room. And pulled off his covers. And drew all over him. And the kicker? He slept through the whole thing, we found him laying in bed with no covers and marker all over him!

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